Dr D N Shankara Bhat

Dr. D. N. Shankara Bhat is a world-renowned linguist. Having obtained his Masters in Sanskrit from Madras University and Ph.D. in linguistics from Pune University, he has served in various roles and positions in some of the prestigious universities and institutions of the world, like Stanford University (USA), Max Planck University (Germany), La Trobe University (Australia), Antwerp University (Belgium), Central Institute of Indian Languages (Mysore) etc. He has authored several books and research papers on linguistics that have earned appreciation from the linguistics community across the globe.

Having conducted several years of intense research on Kannada linguistics, Dr Shankara Bhat has written several books on the subject. His thoughts and observations on the development of Kannada, the true grammatical composition of the language, and its word structure, have been revolutionary. They have not only uprooted several misconceptions on the subject that were unquestioned and accepted for more than a millennium, but have also shown how this knowledge, if effectively utilized can help in the development of the language and its community of speakers.





Kannaḍa Barahada Sollarime-7

Kannaḍa Vākyagaḷa Oḷarachane Mattu Arthavyavasthe