Havyaka Kannaḍa


Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 184
Edition: First Edition, 2017
Publisher: D N Shankara Bhat



This book introduces the Havyaka dialect of Kannada, as spoken in Puttur, Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. It attempts to compare the dialect with standard written Kannada, Old Kannada (Halegannada), other dialects of coastal Karnataka, and with various other dialects of Havyaka such as those spoken in Kumta, Shirsi, Siddapura and Sagara.

It is important to study the Havyaka dialect to understand the history of the Kannada language itself. This is because Havyaka Kannada still retains a few proto-Dravidian characteristics that are not found even in the oldest of Kannada literature and inscriptions found thus far. Hence the study of Havyaka Kannada helps in exploring the history of Kannada language further beyond the age of oldest available written forms.

As with other Kannada dialects of the coast, Havyaka displays several characteristics of Old Kannada. But that does not mean that Havyaka Kannada has remained as Old Kannada; just like the other dialects of Kannada, Havyaka Kannada has undergone changes generation after generation. This book explores several factors because of which Havyaka retains more characteristics of Old Kannada than the other dialects.