Inglish Padagaḷige Kannaḍaddē Padagaḷu


Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 487
Edition: Second Reprint, 2011

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This is a new kind of dictionary. It is meant for people who already know English and desire to know Kannada equivalents for the English words that are known to them.

Generally, most English-Kannada dictionaries give Sanskrit loans as Kannada equivalents for English words in most cases. Even though there are Kannada’s own equivalent words, they do not appear in such cases.

Because of this, people who like to use more and more Kannada words in their writings do not find these dictionaries very helpful. In this dictionary, on the other hand, Kannada’s own words are given as equivalents to English words. In addition to words that are prevalent in Modern Kannada, words from Old Kannada are also given in this dictionary, and phrases and sentences are given along with them in order to indicate their usage.