Kaannaḍakke Bēku Kannaḍaddē Vyākaraṇa

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 253
Edition: Revised Seventh Reprint, 2013
Publisher: D N Shankara Bhat

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The main purpose of a grammar is to give a description of the structure of words and sentences that occur in a language. None of the existing grammars of Kannada language have been successful in doing this. All of them simply try to apply the rules of Sanskrit grammar to Kannada words and sentences.

Since these rules of Sanskrit grammar are very different from the rules that are needed to describe the structure of Kannada words and sentences, they cannot do that job properly. The present book presents some of the important and basic rules of Kannada’s own grammar, and shows how they defer from the rules that are given in the existing Kannada grammars, especially the ones that are taught in schools and colleges today. It also points out how the latter have been completely unsuccessful in doing their job.

The author of this book has done M.A. in Sanskrit and Ph.D. in Linguistics. He has carried out extensive linguistic research in several universities like Pune, Trivandrum, Manipur, Leeds (U.K), Stanford (U.S.A) Antwerp (Belgium), Max Plank Institute (Germany) and La Trobe (Australia). The main thrust of his research during the past fifty years has been to find out how languages can differ in their grammars; he has applied the knowledge that he derived from this research to find out how Kannada’s own grammar differs from Sanskrit grammar.