Kalikenuḍi Mattu Nuḍikalike


Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 104
Edition: First Print, 2019
Publisher: D N Shankara Bhat




This book briefs about how children acquire their first language and still be able to learn a few other languages along with it. The book also deals with how Kannada speaking children, later in school, can be taught to speak, read and write in ‘Ellara Kannada’ (literally everyone’s Kannada), which is slightly different from the spoken Kannada they would have already acquired.

Taking help form their first language will make acquisition of a second language, like English, easier to children. They can make use of the knowledge of their first language as stepping stones towards acquisition of a second language. Many children do not progress farther in learning if they are forced to learn English directly without providing the supporting stepping stones of their first language.

The right medium of instruction to teach children subjects such as Mathematics, Science etc is their first language, which they already know very well. Research has shown that to teach them such subjects in English, meaning to instruct them in the medium of English, requires they first learn speaking, reading and writing skills in that language for at least five to six years.