Kannaḍa Barahada Sollarime-7


Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 296
Edition: First Print, 2019
Publisher: D N Shankara Bhat




This is the seventh and final volume of a series written by Dr D N Shankara Bhat, as part of the effort to provide a grammar true to Kannada’s nativity. This has four chapters pertaining to negative sentences, interrogative sentences, imperative sentences and exclamative sentences.

The first chapter (fifteenth) deals with the various ways of negation of the verb or state of sentences. It also explains negation of interrogative, imperative and other types of sentences.

The second chapter (sixteenth) deals with extracting a question or interrogation from verbs/ states or objects of sentences.

The third chapter (seventeenth) explains the use of sentences to instruct or direct another person. And the fourth and final chapter (eighteenth) deals with how a speaker can exclaim and express emotions such as surprise, happiness, disappointment etc.

After having studied the construction of sentences in hundreds of languages, an effort has been made to understand the construction of Kannada sentences in these eighteen chapters.