Bhāṣeya Bagege Nīvēnu Balliri


Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 208
Edition: Fourth re-print, 2010
Publisher: Bhasha Prakashana
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When there is pain in our eyes, we go to the doctor for help; even though the eyes are in our control, their structure and function are unknown to us. Our language is similar; it dances on our tongue, and is in our control, but its structure and functioning are unknown to us.

However, the `pain’ of language, unlike the pain of the eyes, does not normally trouble us individually; its problems affect the whole society. May be because of this, nobody runs to the language doctor for help when a problem of language arises. But the damages caused by this are many.

The present book shows that there is a lot that we need to learn regarding script, language learning, grammar, and several other aspects of language. Correct knowledge about  these aspects of language is essential for people who take decisions regarding those aspects.

This is a collection of articles; some of these were written way back in the sixties, and some rather recently. These are arranged into four sections depending upon the topic that they cover (nature of language, grammar and learning, speech and writing, and features of Kannada). There is also a fifth section that provides a brief description of world’s languages.