Inglish-Kannaḍa Padanerake

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat, Y Bharath Kumar, Vivek Shankar
Language: Kannada
Pages: 740
Edition: First Edition, 2015
Publisher: D N Shankara Bhat

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This dictionary provides Kannada equivalent words for English words. Some of these Kannada equivalent words have been newly coined wherever the equivalents haven’t existed for the English words. These words have been coined using native Kannada words and suffixes.

Normally this is not the case whenever the need for a new Kannada word arises, as there is a tendency to borrow words from Sanskrit. These words borrowed from Sanskrit are not easily understood but are present extensively in Kannada writings, thereby making the task of the reader extremely difficult.

Hence using the native Kannada words wherever possible will go a long way in making Kannada writings widely understood. This dictionary is written keeping in mind that coining more and more native Kannada words, which when used in Kannada writings, reaches more and more Kannadigas.