Kaannaḍa Vākyagaḷa Oḷaracane

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 289
Edition: Third Reprint, 2012
Publisher: Bhasha Prakashana

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We freely use several words and word-forms while speaking or writing in Kannada. But we never realize that while doing this, we make use of several complicated rules. The reason is that these rules occur in our unconscious mind and we make use of them only unconsciously.

The present work attempts to uncover some of these rules that underlie Kannada sentences. This is actually what our Kannada grammars have to do. But unfortunately the grammars that are taught in our schools and colleges give rules of Sanskrit grammar thinking that they would also be applicable to Kannada. But neither the students nor the teachers understand how these these rules could be applicable to Kannada.

The book examines different types of Kannada sentences and develops rules directly from them. It would therefore be easy to know how they are applicable to Kannada sentences.