Kannaḍa Nuḍiya Hinnaḍavaḷi


Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 95
Edition: First Edition, 2016
Publisher: D N Shankara Bhat



This book presents a concise history of the Kannada language. Instead of relying solely on ancient Kannada inscriptions and literature, comparative studies between Kannada and other Dravidian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Gondi, and Kurukh have been made use of for this purpose.

This history is a concise depiction of the evolution of Kannada from Proto-Dravadian, which is hypothesized to have existed before the above Dravidian languages came to be spoken. It also describes the evolution of various dialects of present-day Kannada from Proto-Kannada, which itself is hypothesized to have evolved from Proto-Dravidian.

This book has been prepared by further editing Dr D N Shankara Bhat’s earlier book ‘Kannaḍa Bhāṣeya Sankshipta Charitre’, which he wrote in 1979. Also, the contents of another book ‘Kannaḍa Nuḍi Naḍedu Banda Dāri‘, which was authored in 2007 by the same author, have been used in writing this book.