Kannaḍa Nuḍiya Bagege Cintane

 Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 278
Edition: First Print, 2006

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Dr D N Shankara Bhat’s thoughts on Kannada have been presented in three parts in this book: (1) Kannada grammar, (2) Kannada writing, and (3) a history of the Kannada language.

They have been based on Dr. Bhat’s research of over fourty years. The research was primarily on the subject of possible similarities and differences among various languages of the world. Through this, he discovered that grammars of languages can differ in several ways and the basic principles of grammar too are no exemption.

This knowledge forms the basis of the three parts of this book. In the first part, Dr Bhat explains the need to establish a new and independent grammatical tradition for Kannada. In the second part, he shows that by dropping some unwanted rules, the benefits of Kannada writing, which as of today is mostly limited to the upper classes, can be taken to the lower classes too. In the third part, he explores the relationship of Kannda with Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, Gondi and other Dravidian languages, changes that caused the evolution of these languages from a single proto-language, and further evolution of Kannada into several dialects.