Kannaḍa Vyākaraṇa Yāke Bēku

Kannada vykarana yaake beeku (1)

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 260
Edition: First Print, 2009
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Kannada grammar is not simply a tedious and worthless thing; it can help us in carrying out several tasks like learning to read and write in Kannada, learning a different language like English, translating texts from Kannada to another language or from another language to Kannada, and so on. This has been pointed out in this book.

But only Kannada’s own grammar can provide us such a help; the Kannada grammars that are now available cannot be of any help in this regard, because they are not really Kannada grammars.

In addition to learning what exactly is the grammar of Kannada, there is also a need to learn how this knowledge of Kannada grammar can be applied to the above-mentioned activities. There is a need to carry out both these types of studies in Kannada.