Kannaḍadallē Hosapadagaḷannu Kaṭṭuva Bage

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 248
Edition: First Edition, 2014

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Today Kannada writers have fallen prey to the habit of using Sanskrit words and affixes to coin or construct new words in Kannada. Owing to this, Kannada writing has been witnessing a consistent increase in the number of Sanskrit loan-words which in effect has led to its distancing from most Kannadigas.

In developed languages, such as English, a word, on an average, has about seven to eight shades of meaning; but in Kannada the same kind of words have only one or two shades of meaning; when there is a need for a word to be used in a different shade of meaning a Sanskrit equivalent is used instead, leading to stunted development of Kannada vocabulary.

Such bias towards Sanskrit loans among Kannada writers has also lead to a feeling of inferiority towards Kannada words among Kannada readers. To get rid of such a feeling of inferiority, and to have Kannada writing reach all Kannadigas, it is essential that writers beigin to use as many native Kannada words as possible.

It is also important to have Kannada writers wake up to the fact that it is possible to express all subjects of knowledge using native Kannada words alone. The objective of this book is to help achieve this goal.