Kannaḍa Barahavannu Saripaḍisoṇa

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 382
Edition: Revised Second Reprint, 2009
Publisher: Bhasha Prakashana
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In today’s society, people who do not know writing cannot lead a satisfactory life. Writing has become so important today. Further, if a society has to develop properly, members of all its various classes have to acquire writing equally well. There are several reasons why this has not happened in Karnataka.

Use of too many Sanskrit loans in Kannada writings is one such reason. Having a tradition that whatever be the way people pronounce these loan words, they must write them as they are written in Sanskrit itself, and having several additional letters in Kannada alphabet for maintaining this tradition is another reason.

Whatever may be the other reasons for the above-mentioned problem, the above two reasons can easily be removed by Kannada writers on the basis of their own personal Endeavour. They can use as few Sanskrit loans as possible in their writings, and when they do use these Sanskrit loans, they can write them as they are actually pronounced. The book explains why Kannada authors must undertake these changes, and how they can carry them out.