Kannaḍa Vyākaraṇavannu Kalisuvudu Hēge?


Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 186
Edition: First Edition, 2016
Publisher: Sapna Book House



Teaching grammar as a separate subject will not enable kids to effectively apply grammatical concepts in their reading and writing activities. Rather, embedding it as part of reading and writing activities is quite efficacious in imparting the learning and will also help advance their reading and writing skills to higher levels.

This book shows how to put such activities into effect. Also, as of today what is being taught in schools as Kannada grammar is not Kannada grammar at all. It is but a bad attempt at fitting-in Sanskrit grammatical rules to Kannada. As a consequence, these rules can only be tutored as a disconnected theoretical subject but can not be taught through practical application in reading and writing activities.

Kannada language has its own grammar, which is quite different from that of Sanskrit. This book shows what this grammar is all about, and how the rules of the grammar can be made use of to design reading and writing activities.