Nijakkū Haḷegannaḍa Vyākaraṇa Entahudu?

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: Kannada
Pages: 224
Edition: Second Reprint, 2015
Publisher: Bhasha Prakashana, Mysore

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Grammarians of Kannada like Keshiraja were under the illusion that the rules of Sanskrit grammar can be directly applied to Old Kannada.The present book points out that because of this illusion, they have failed in most situations to give the correct rules of Kannada grammar.

Kannada grammar is different from Sanskrit grammar even in its basic principles. Hence Sanskrit grammar cannot be a good model for the writers of Kannada grammar. One has to set aside Sanskrit grammar, study the structure of words and sentences that actually occur in the language, and then write a grammar of Kannada, based on such a study.

I have pointed out in this book how, such a grammar Old Kannada could be different from the existing grammars of that language.