The Koraga Language

Author: Dr. D N Shankara Bhat
Language: English
Pages: 123
Edition: 1971
Publisher: Deccan College, Pune


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Koraga is a Dravidian language spoken by about a thousand Koragas of the South Kanara and Udupi districts of Karnataka. It was earlier considered to be a dialect of Tulu, but the present study clearly shows that it needs to be regarded as a distinct language.

The present study gives short grammatical sketches of three Koraga dialects, called Onti (Udupi), Tappu (Hebri), and Mudu (Kundapur). These sketches are followed by a comparative study of the three dialects, which also points out the position of Koraga in the Dravidian language family.

This is followed by texts in the three dialects with English translation and a comparative vocabulary, giving cognate words in other Dravidian languages.

There is also a short sketch of another related Dravidian language, called Belari, spoken in the Western Ghats to the east of Kundapur. It shows similarities with Tulu and Koraga, but appears to be a distinct language.